SPE Helukabel

Ethernet Over Only One Pair of Copper Wires

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) has already found its way into automotive engineering and will also open a broad field of applications in the industrial environment in […]
Catálogo Presentación Urkunde Ed20

Urkunde Company Presentation Edition 20

We have updated our company presentation with the new edition 20 version. In this new updated version you will find complete information about our wide range […]
Processed Wire Respooled

UL Processed Wire Respooled certificate

UL is the mark used by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to declare the compliance of a product with the American and Canadian requirements of security. The […]
Helutool Crimpset

Helutool Crimpset 5 in 1

High-quality crimping tool with 5 inserts for insulated and uninsulated connections. Advantages: Always the right tool at hand Fast and easy changing of the inserts with […]