Electromobility: We are shaping the technology of the future

Electromobility is the future and we are shaping it true to the motto “Let’s Charge the World”. In our new e-mobility catalogue, we introduce a wide […]
Helupower Thermflex

Helupower Thermflex 145

With the HELUPOWER® THERMFLEX® 145 series, HELUKABEL has added new cable types to its product range: They are ideally suited for applications that require an increased […]
Instrumentation Cables Oil and Gas

Four New Product Groups in the Range

HELUKABEL is opening up new markets: With the instrumentation cables and thermocouple extension cables for applications in the oil & gas sector as well as the […]
SPE Helukabel

Ethernet Over Only One Pair of Copper Wires

Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) has already found its way into automotive engineering and will also open a broad field of applications in the industrial environment in […]