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The German company INTERCONTEC, has been working in the increasingly sophisticated field of connectivity for more than a decade. Their great know-how acquired over the years and continuous research has made it possible for them to design and develop the most advanced innovations in connectors and has become an experienced partner in automation technology.

With INTERCONTECproduct portfolio, TE CONNECTIVITY now offers a large variety of solutions that make connecting easy. Its connectors consist of only a few single parts with a modular architecture which makes them highly compatible and usable in many different combinations. With know-how and market expertise they challenge existing standards. TE takes a visionary approach to determine the connector technology of the future to provide our customers with innovative and market-oriented solutions. INTERCONTEC connectors follow highly sophisticated engineering principles safeguarding an extremely easy and efficient assembly process.

By elaborating highly user-friendly optimum system solutions which are brought to the market in a very short time, TE quickly respond to their customers’ needs. This is the key strength of TE's INTERCONTEC products.

The product range covers a complete series of circular connectors which are 100% compatible for any kind of industrial application. They also specialize in customized connectors for extreme environmental conditions. List of references: Atlas Copco, Baumüller, Bosch, Daimler Chrysler, Kollmorgen, Kuka, Reis, Siemens, Stegmann, Sew Eurodrive, Mavilor, Fagor.