One of the main objectives of our company which is part of our philosophy is to offer a comprehensive service. Therefore, within our range of solutions for industrial wiring, we offer Energetic Kits, assemblies of both plastic energy chains as metallic ones accompanied by electrical wiring, hydraulic and pneumatic tubes and a range of accessories, all of them under a single reference.

One of the most important remarkable aspects of this product is that integrates in a single reference multiple mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic solutions of any machine or equipment in general, with the great saving advantages involved in it. We offer personal advice, studying the case in a customized way to develop a fully tested and guaranteed solution, adapting the scope assembled to suit your needs Energetic Kits are suitable for all kind of controlled and mobile Machine Tools and Capital Goods general axes. They are available in any lot size and they are served with a really short delivery times.

Reasons that will convince you...

  • Guaranteed and 100% tested solution.
  • Original Materials.
  • Engineering and Advice Service.
  • Stock Reduction.
  • Purchasing and Logistics process optimization.
  • Only one order, one reference.
  • Short Delivery Times.
  • Customized Solution.
  • Made close to you.
  • Connect and Starting Up.
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