Oil and gas catalogue-Eng

Although renewable sources such as solar and wind energy are becoming increasingly important, the oil and gas industry still dominates in supplying the world’s energy demand. The extraction, processing and transport of the coveted raw material all take place under a wide variety of conditions, some of which are extreme: in the deep sea or in mountainous terrain, in the freezing cold of the Arctic or the scorching heat of the Persian Gulf. All machine and system components used must reliably withstand these high stresses – including cables, wires and accessories.

HELUKABEL‘s comprehensive knowledge of the industry and many decades of experience make it the ideal partner for projects in the oil and gas sector – both for offshore installations such as drilling rigs, ships or production platforms and for refineries or petrochemical plants. Our products and solutions especially suited to this challenging sector have now been compiled for you in a new catalogue. Why not take a look?

You can download the catalogue HERE

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