Processed Wire Respooled

UL is the mark used by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) to declare the compliance of a product with the American and Canadian requirements of security. The tests made on products evaluate their eligibility in relation to potential risks of fire, electrical shock and mechanical dangers. Even small modifications as packaging changes could modify  the quality of a product. Only the companies that comply with strict standards can cut the cables for the industry sector.

UL requires that for the certified cables used for the production of machinery and plants the traceability of the product and original manufacturing process has to be guaranteed. The printing in the outer jacket of the cables alone isn’t enough and this is why UL requires that the certification label of the original spool should always be kept with the cable. Every time you cut a cable and respooled into smaller quantities, every single spool should keep the traceability information of the original spool with a special label. This process, defined by UL as “Processed Wire – Respooled”, is under a specific certification that is recorded in the on-line UL database and it is compulsory to fulfill very strict controls to achieve this certification.

URKUNDE has obtained this certificate and according to that we can provide cables on a wide variety of spool types, sizes and lengths according to the UL requirements; fulfilling this standard we can guarantee the traceability of the product to our customers. Our certifications “Processed Wire” and “Processed Wire for Canada” for UL Listed cables and “Processed Wire – Component” and “Processed Wire for Canada – Component” for UL Recognized cables are downloadable from UL web site searching for the File Number  E511554 or you can also visit our website

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