Dynamic testing for moving applications

A new brochure on dynamic testing for moving applications is now available. In this brochure, we present the various tests we perform at Windsbach to ensure optimal product performance and ultimate product safety. Whether it be in mechanical and plant engineering, robotics or industrial automation, our cables and wires are exposed to high dynamic loads in many applications. Repetitive bending and torsional movements put considerable stress on the materials used. Nevertheless, users expect our products to be reliable, long-lasting, to perform consistently and prevent system malfunctions, failures, and safety risks.

For this reason, at HELUKABEL we subject our cables and wires to extensive tests and inspections. In the testing laboratories at our production site in Windsbach, Germany, we use ultra-modern equipment to simulate the stresses applied to our cables and wires, which exceed those encountered in practice. In this way, we ensure that every product consistently meets the high demands of our customers.

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By URKUNDE, 18-05-2022