URKUNDEas specialist in industrial connectivity offers a comprehensive service with energetic kits. These Energetic kits consist of drag chain (plastic or metallic ones), electric cable assemblies, pneumatic and hydraulic tubes, and other accessories. We offer personal advice to cater to each individual needs in order to develop a fully tested and guaranteed solution, adapting the scope assembled to suit your needs.

We have experienced and well-trained personal in industrial connectivity provided with state of art equipment to obtain a high-quality product and always customized to customers needs. Our working system provides great benefits in purchasing and logistics processes because the kit gathers lots of mechanical, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic references just in only one.

It is enough to place just an order with only one reference, it implies an important saving in stock reduction. Kits are very flexible because they are available in any batch size and delivery times are short.


  • Guaranteed and 100% tested solution
  • Authentic materials
  • Engineering and advice service
  • Stock reduction
  • Purchasing and logistics process optimization
  • Only one order, one reference
  • Short delivery times
  • Customized solution
  • Made close to you
  • Just connect the cable and it is ready to go
Wire drawing
Wire drawing
Wire drawing
Wire drawing