Whether in football stadiums, airports, subway stations or in other crowded places, the risk of catastrophe in case of fire is especially high. That is why wiring systems installed are vital as the systems must continue working even in case of fire, saving people for a certain period of time.

The DATWYLER Pyrosis system consists in Pyrofil security cables and various accessories. Pyrofil includes halogen-free cables, low smoke emission and fire flame retardant cables that comply with the integrity of the circuit as well as the functional integrity of the entire system. It also includes an extensive range of supporting systems, assembly components and others.

The system is completed with a series of special design seminars and software that allow designers and installers to optimize the entire installation process of the safety cabling.

Airports, train and metro stations, hotels and hospitals, sports stadiums, theaters, concert-halls, office buildings, public buildings, road and train tunnels, among others.