UL is the Brand used by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) that ensures the conformity of products with safety regulations in USA and Canada. These products are tested to guarantee that they are suitable against potential fire risks, electric shocks, and mechanical risks. Even little modification in product packaging can have impact in the final quality of products. Therefore, only companies who fulfill these strict regulations are allowed to cut cables for industrial sector.

UL requires that cables certified according to American regulations must ensure product and manufacturing processes traceability. The printing included in the jacket of cables is not enough to ensure these requirements, that is why UL requires that a certification label must be stuck in the original cable drum. If cable is respooled from the original drum, all the new drums should have a special label with the complete traceability information. This process is known as “Processed Wire Respooled” and it is regulated under a specific certification in UL online Database, which requires the activation of strict control procedures.

URKUNDE posee dicha certificación según la cual está autorizado para servir cables de acuerdo con los requerimientos de UL en diferentes tipos y tamaños de bobina y metrajes garantizando a sus clientes la trazabilidad total del producto servido.

The following certificates are available in UL UL website identified by File Number E511554:

  • “Processed Wire” and “Processed Wire for Canada” for UL Listed Cables
  • “Processed Wire-Component” and “Processed Wire for Canada-Component” for UL Recognized Cables